According to a journalistic investigation, a series of sexual abuses took place in many private schools for many decades in the north-eastern part of the United States. The responsible people moved in on the matter either too slowly or they simply ignored the accusations of the presumed victims. The Boston Globe newspaper is sure that many of these incidents were already known by the local police, with more than 90 actions cited in the court. AFP stated that many of them were prescribed and can only be taken as objects to a civil lawsuit.

Such acts are dated more than 60 years ago.

Accusations were made in over 67 private institutions about sexual abuse or harassment, from 1991 to present. This is according to the Spotlight Team, the investigation unit who was the source of the revelations about pedophile priests in the early 2000s. Some of the incidents are dated in the 50s while others occurred later and even as recently as the 2000s.

The coach that changed schools.

Boston Globe cited a case where a teachers’ sexual abusive acts started in 1968 and he continued to teach in different institutions until 2003 when he was still harassing and assaulting teenagers.

The Saint George School from Middletown, Rhode Island is the main starting point of the investigations led by Boston Globe. Back in 2003, 11 students accused the gym teacher of this school of harassment and inappropriate touching. Even though the teacher was dismissed, after an investigation led by the school board, his actions were not considered sexual harassment, thus, it was not reported to the police.

When he left Saint George School, the school board said nothing about the accusations to the coach’s new employer, Taft School from Connecticut.

Teachers were hiding information for their reputation.

In December, Boston Globe managed to unveil some information about the Saint George School, regarding the Anne Scott case. She was a rape victim back in 1977 and the school board forced her to sign a confidentiality agreement regarding this.

In 2002, an extensive survey in the same publication revealed how local Catholic hierarchy had covered about 90 sexual abuse cases by the Boston and adjacent area priests, for several decades. The story was used forthe “Spotlight” movie, an Oscar winner for the best movie in February.

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