Fresh off of his stellar White House Correspondents' Dinnerspeech, President Obama was off to congratulate the graduates of Howard University. In his speech, Obama mentioned Correspondents' Dinner host, Larry Wilmore and urged graduates to embrace all versions of blackness.

Wilmore's faux pas and the state of race in America

Obama took the the stage at the Historically Black College (HBC) on the heels of the end of his administration. Much like at the dinner, Obama seemed more relaxed as he talked about race, a topic which he usually only touches on when there is a #BlackLivesMatter shooting or avoids the matter altogether.

He was clear and he made it known just how he feels about the tone of race in American society."My election did not create a post-racial society, said Obama. "I don't know who was propagating that notion. That was not mine."

He used Wilmore's point that "a lot of folks didn't even think blacks had the tools to be quarterback." It was both a nod to how the mentality of America has changed for the better towards blacks over the years and possibly a show of support for Wilmore, who had been criticized forreferring to Obama as the n-word in his monologue.

Many people saw it as the ultimate sign of disrespect and others felt like they were let in on a private joke between two powerful black men. "The View" and guest Sunny Hostin were at the forefront of the debate of Wilmore's use of the slur. Hostin is a regular legal analyst for CNN.

Inspiring the next generation of leaders

Turning back to the students, Obama urged them to succeed and he gave four principles that would guide them through life.

"Be confident in your blackness," said Obama. "There's no litmus test for authenticity." This is a principle that Obama has certainly lived by. He is a frequent visitor to talk shows, which many people considered taboo for a sitting President to do, he injects pop culture into his speeches and he uses social media to both promote his agenda and to joke with other dignitaries like Prince Harry. Obama has been anything but conventional.

Next he urged the students to be aware of social injustices and do something to change them. Obama stated that it's not enough to be passionate behind a project if you don't act on that passion. Lastly, he stressed reaching across the aisle to work with those with whom you disagree. This again has been a defining characteristic of his administration. He's often worked with disagreeing Republicans to make goals that he wanted a reality.

Not one to stray away from letting anyone know when they have neglected a responsibility, Obama scolded the students about the less than 20% youth voter turnout in the 2014 midterm elections. "In 2012,nearly 2 in 3 Americans -- African-Americans -- turned out and then in 2014 only 2 in 5 turned out. You don't think that made a difference in terms of the Congress I've got to deal with," chided Obama. It was a brief moment but enough to get the point across that voting matters. It also revealed the frustration that Obama may have felt throughout his presidency with a majority-led Republican Congress and Senate.

Overall the speech was a charge to the next generation of leaders and period on the Obama administration. It summed up all of the points that made him a scandal-free president and what many would call a success. Obama is scheduled to deliver commencement addresses at Rutgers University in New Jersey and Air Force Academy in Colorado next.

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