This morning, presumptive GOP party nominee and reality show host Donald Trump met with newbie Speaker of the House Paul Ryan. The meeting has been hyped as a show of solidarity between the nominee and the Speaker, and the supposed topic is reuniting the party before the Republican Convention hits Cleveland streets this summer.

What went on in this meeting?

One has to wonder what really went on during this short meeting, as RNC Chairman Reince Preibus tweeted out at the conclusion that it was a "positive step toward party unity." With the Donald's temperament, we must expect that he went into this meeting with guns blazing and his list of demands at the ready.

Ryan, for his part, is likely doing damage control since he said he was not ready to endorse Trump, and Trump's rabble rousing about dumping Ryan from the convention platform.

Lots of drama as always.

Lots of drama surrounds Trump, as always. This week, he traded barbs with Elizabeth Warren on Twitter, and Sarah Palin put on her sultriest off-the-shoulder top to sing the Donald's praises and declare Paul Ryan's political career DOA. It should be interesting to see who the potential Vice Presidential nominees on the Republican side are, given his well-known sexist tendencies. He likely would do well to steer clear of Sarah and aim for someone without any craziness in their past. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's name has been bandied about, but Sarah is clearly angling for a shot.

Another name that has surfaced is Newt Gingrich.

Donald Trump & tax returns.

Meanwhile, London's newly elected Islamic Mayor is saying that Trump is playing into the hands of extremists with his anti-Muslim rants, according to the New York Times. All this drama, and now there are calls for Donald Trump to release his tax returns.

For his part, he's refusing, and says that he gets audited annually. Have to wonder what someone has dug up and is trying to uncover for voters. Speculation about just what is in those returns is now running rampant, and could prove to be a problem for Trump without disclosing his tax returns.

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