It is the nightmare none of us want to face, waking up to find your whole city is in flames. Emergency evacuations, line ups of cars, trucks, and people running for their lives. It is an apocalyptic scene from another world, how can this be where you live and work? The nightmare is something that only a screenwriter could dream up but then cold, hard reality sets in. The is a real Wildfire that has been raging for days and there is no end in sight.

The fire has taken over the northern part of the Canadian province and is spreading beyond belief. It has been said that it will take months to extinguish.

More and more communities are being evacuated and the strain on the economy is in the billions of dollars. People's livelihoods have been thrown out, the tar sands to the north are in jeopardy (although the fire has not hit the refineries yet).

Fleeing For Their Life

People are fleeing with only the clothes they are wearing and with no hope of getting anything back. Insurance companies are scrambling to take some of the pain from the faces of those that are in jeopardy. Can you imagine over 80,000 people no longer have a home or anything to look forward to in the up coming weeks. The Red Cross has been taking donations and so far 44 million has been collected with the Federal Government in Canada matching those donations, but will this be enough?

Only time will tell.

Where Will Evacuees Be Housed

As of now, there are still communities being evacuated as the fire continues to rapidly spread to the north and east. Refineries are shut down, not because of the threat but because the workers are no longer in the area. So many workers have been displaced that Syncrude (the oil sands refineries etc.) has no choice but to lock down.

Is the fire coming closer to these refineries? The answer here is still a big unknown as the fire continues to grow at such a rapid pace. Evacuees have been taken in by many families in the southern areas of Alberta and the helping hands are plentiful. Too bad the circumstances are so painful.

Is Climate Change to Blame?

Although the weather is unseasonably dry and warm, climate change is the last thing on the minds of firefighters and the government. It is possible that climate change is a contributing factor but only as an overall picture of the entire country. No one wants to speak on this subject at this time.

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