Brazil is sitting atop a volcano ready to spill lava. First, there is the ongoing crisis of impeachment of the earlier president Ms. Dilma Rousseff and second the resultant gang rape with the people feeling bruised with rampant corruption and breakdown of law and order. In such a situation a small matchstick-like the rape of a young teen can ignite passions and agitation. Basically, it's an expression of hurt at the ongoing crisis in Brazil.

Brazil and recent gang rape

A near anarchy-like scenario was created when News of the gang rape of a 16-year-old girl on 16 May 2016, did the rounds of the main city of Brazil, Rio de Janeiro.

The public was incensed to learn that the girl 's rapists were armed and may have threatened the girl. Worse, the police chief could not confirm the exact number of men who may have raped the teen. Later a figure of 33 was given out. The girl was visiting her boyfriend, who may have had a hand in this sorry episode and was taken into custody. This mass rape incensed the public who were already reeling with crimes against women on the rise, in this large South American nation. Matters further incensed the masses who took to the streets with the police announcement that 4 of the rapists had been identified.

People wondered where the other 29 had vanished. Anger also mounted at the police apathy as the Crime like many others would have gone unnoticed, but for an act of indiscretion by some of the accused who joked about it and posted graphic videos and pictures of the unconscious and naked girl on Twitter. The girl passed out during the rape and only recovered consciousness a day later.

President steps in

The people of Rio were incensed and as mass demonstrations mounted, the acting President Michel Temer accepted the grave situation and called for an emergency meeting of all the security ministers of Brazil's states and talks with demonstrators to consider measures to stop crimes against women. The fact is Brazil is endemic for crimes against women. Perhaps this agitation may not have taken so severe a color if the psyche of the people had not been disturbed with the rampant corruption all around and the efforts to impeach the President Dilma Rousseff.

The Olympics are being held in Brazil and there are just a few months away. Such incidents and near anarchy-like situations will strengthen voices already being heard to stop the Olympics being held in Brazil.

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