On April 13, Donald Trumphelda rally in the 'steel city' of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. With over 16,209 viewers watching via live streaming with Right Side Broadcasting, Trump spoke to a crowd numbering in the thousands. One person called the David L. Lawrence, Convention Center "Filled to capacity."

It's not unusual for rallies to start late when it comes to Donald Trump. Many times, Trump has put off starting rallies due to the massesbecause hewanted to get the people out of the rain and sometimes frigid temperatures. It's one of his great qualities on the campaign trail. Trump has always shown concern for rally goers, even the protesters.

Trump attacked by candidates, media, and RNC

Many have claimed that Donald Trump incitesriots at his rallies, but one could argue that blame would fall elsewhereasprotestersfrequently support other candidates. Trump repeatedly thanks security and others in law enforcement for the great job they do at keeping trouble at bay during campaign rallies. He was once quoted as noting that"Law Enforcement, does not get the respect they deserve around the country".

The media has been hard on Donald Trump but none as much as Fox News'Megyn Kelly, whose constant attacks on Trumphave been calledborderlinecrazy by some. In recent news, Kelly secretly met with the GOP frontrunner. However, It's not looking good as Trump has buttedheads with the RNC since the moment he announced his run for the presidency.

At last night's rally, Donald J. Trump welcomed supporters and began with a reading of stats. Being a Pennsylvania native, I wasn't surprised when Trump stated thatPittsburgh has lost one-third of its manufacturing jobs since 2001. The state of Pennsylvania has lost over time 40percentof its manufacturing jobs.

I remember growing up in the 70's and 80's, when a lot of places closed, making it difficult for families in the Northeast. Trump told the crowd last night that he plans to bring those jobs back!

Campaign promises build

Not only was Donald Trump promising to bring back manufacturing job but also "steel," which is a big deal in Pittsburgh.

It's not uncommon for candidates to make such promises. However, America has learned its lesson well that most new presidents don't keep over half their promises. This will definitely be something I'll be watching for if Trump wins the presidency.

Protesters arrested

The crowd inside the Convention Center last night was huge. While there seemed to be only one protester causing an issue inside, sources reported two protesters outside the David L. Lawrence Convention Center were arrested by police after police had to use pepper spray.

We've providedan image of the crowd last night, which was estimated at 10,00 strong. Donald Trump has been known to pack places with often 15,000 and even 20,000 supporters.

In the midst of Trump speaking, the crowd started to chant "Build that wall, build that wall," and Trump smiled, seemingly pleased with the supporters and even a bit humbled by their energy.

The biggest takeaway from last night

Trump seized the moment to remind voters of Ted Cruz's most recent mistakes on the campaign trail. With Cruz starting to drop in the polls in states like New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Connecticut, any candidate would use the moment wisely. There was the alleged leak of Ben Carson dropping out of the presidential race in Iowa and the Colorado delegate steal, which is all beginning to affect Ted Cruz's run for the presidency. Trump often calling him Lyin' Ted.

Donald Trump did openly admit last night he believed a phony poll cost him a win in John Kasich's home state when he said "If I rallied two more days, I probably would have won but I believed a phony poll and chose to stay in Florida to seal in a win."

As always, Trump closed last night with his signature remark:"We will bring back jobs.

We will make our military strong again. We will build a wall and we will make America great again."

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