Twitter averaged somewhere around 300 million users monthly from October - December 2015.

That number is flat compared to the same time period the year before.

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Twitter Numbers Headed Through the Uprights

Next year in the 4th quarter, Twitter's numbers will go up.

Apple made a deal with Major League Baseball for MLB's 70 million fans in the stands to see players, coaches and managers in the dugouts and bullpens check out opposing players in iPad Pros. Hundreds of millions of others will get a glance of the same when they watch on the tube.

Not Youtube. The tube. You know? The box. The boob tube. TV.

Twitter is now making it easier than ever to connect with the National Football League's 17 million fans in the stands and for them to connect as well. Another hundred million or more will interact from the comfort of home while watching replays from six different angles, before and after commercial breaks.

It's not a stretch that some players, after scoring, tackling, intercepting, blocking or in some cases lining up correctly, will also tweet how cool they are ... at least in the moment.

Actions of few affect the many

Something like 90% of activity on Twitter is generated by less than 10% of the users ... mostly celebrities.

I think 10% might be too high.

I mean, how many celebs are on Twitter? Really. NBA's Stephen Curry is creating his own social media platform.

Twitter will now stream Thursday night football games. I hope they have good servers. NBC, CBS and Fox get 20 million or so viewers per game. And they tweet while watching, no doubt.

Twitter hopes that users can tweet and watch on their phones at the same time.

They may way over estimate the ability of the average football fan.

Influence marketing in pro sports

The NFL thinks they are connecting more with their fans and are giving fans a way to react real time beyond the stadium.

And they are.

The NFL will win because advertisers now have more eyeballs in and out of the stadium AND off and online. More numbers equal NFL can charge more.

Twitter will win because they, too, can charge more to advertisers for those white spaces next to the streaming window. More numbers equal Twitter can charge more.

Advertisers may win if they get the right message and the right format.

Consumers will win if the advertisements match their interests.

Players will win because there is more money to go around.

A win-win-win-win-win-win situation?

Where's all that money going to come from?

Back to the fans. Can we drop back and punt?

Learn how to grow your Twitter following like the pros.

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