I believe in free speech. Of course, I do.

I have been in countries where I was told to "Watch what you say. You don't know who is listening."

I have been in countries where I was tailed by the host country's secret police. No kidding.

I was whisked away once - White Nights-style - where I thought to myself "I am probably not going to make it back home. I hope I really get to meet this witch. Otherwise, this episode in my life isn't going to be worth it."

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America is a great place

I am as patriotic as they come. I served at the pleasure of Uncle Sam for over 5 years in the Far East because I love America and because I believe in freedom.

I also believe in responsibility and compassion and consideration and kindness and sensitivity.

Some places online are equivalent to the old Wild West, as I understand it. I am old, but not that old.

Some places online, users take full advantage of their right to freedom of expression to say anything even at the expense of others. I like it to a guy walking down the street with his boom box on full volume.

Purpose in Life for Trolls

Some people are online just to fight and serve at the displeasure of others. These people make it their purpose in life:

  • to make others' lives unpleasant
  • to cause fights
  • to be contrary for contrary's sake
  • to find happiness only in making other people more unhappy than they are.

Reddit is a hub for these kind of folk.

Reddit is a breeding ground for these folk. They are called trolls.

Trolls go to Reddit to practice and perfect their craft. And many are quite good at it.

There are power trolls on Reddit who's purpose in life is to suppress free speech.

Got that? Under the guise of free speech, these Reddit trolls will suppress, vote down, call their under-bridge dwellers to help out and make every effort to silence people's opinions they don't agree with.

Until now ... well, maybe.

Trolls Police Themselves

Troll Central, er, Reddit is making an effort to police itself.

Reddit is now making it possible for users to block people they don't want to hear from.

That's easy enough to do. Just don't go to Reddit.

What Reddit might want to do is track the language and behavior of its users and when the bullies get out of line, boot them out.

But when that happens, the free speech rights of trolls goes out the window, too.

No win situation.

How to Raise Good Kids

The secret to raising good kids is to teach them when they are young and let them grow into being responsible individuals.

It's a tough slog to try and reel wayward kids back in.

That's the battle Reddit faces.

I have abandoned the platform long ago.

Learn Google, Volvo, China aim to expand the self-driving car reach.

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