Today is earth day and millions of people across the world are celebrating with eco-friendly plans and events. Among those will be the presidents of 160 countries, who are planning to sign the Paris Climate Deal in New York today. The plan includes different principles and actions that are going to be implemented within the next few years to help in preserving the Environment.

More focus has been given to the concept of Earth Day and taking care of the environment during the last few years.


This is mainly due to the changes that have been taking place in the environment during the next few years, especially with these changes significantly impacting weather conditions.

The History of Earth Day

The first celebration for earth day took place forty six years ago, during 1970, after a catastrophic oil spill in USA led to environmental problems to the public consciousness’ forefront. Based on the Environmental Protection Agency, there are twenty two million individuals who have come out to support the environmental change and improvement.


This is a day that left an effect that no one is going to forget in America. It definitely did shed light on the issue of pollution and emphasized on the importance of preserving the environment and making sure that sustainable activities are being implemented on the short and long term.

This year, the events’ organizers are beginning their 4 years countdown by focusing on planting trees and emphasizing on the importance of maintaining agriculture. This year, they are increasing the stakes and there are plans to plant 7 billion trees around the world.

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Earth Day around the world

People around the world are celebrating in different ways. In Shanghai, citizens are planning to gather at the Okura Garden Hotel to hold a show including recycled art. In the Philippines, people are planning a clean up along the coasts and a storytelling hour in Manila. Tree plantings are being planning in Slovenia, Ontario, and other cities around the world.

Google has marked Earth Day with various environmental doodles made by Sophie Diao.

In a blog post released by the company, she explained that she was mainly inspired by the variety of life on planet earth. Apple has also joined in the celebrations, add different ‘’Earth Apps’’ on its application store. These applications were created in association with the World Wildlife Fund. Until April 21 WWF is going to receive 100% of proceeds from the twenty seven apps.

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