Ted Cruz, the junior senator from Texas, who us running for president, often gets a bad rap for being “unlikeable.” But he also has a very attractive family, including a beautiful, intelligent wife and two cute, adorable daughters, which was on full display on the CNN Cruz Family townhall, which involved questions from both the network’s Anderson Cooper and members of the audience.

The event was divided into three parts, with the first being Cruz bantering with Cooper and some of the audience members on subjects ranging from “New York values” to the malodorous Donald Trump. Cruz recently compared Trump to Michael Corleone, the fiction villain of “The Godfather” for his tendency to encourage violence against his opponents.

No one wondered if Trump more resembled the volatile Sonny Corleone rather than the cold, calculating Michael.

Ms. Cruz shone when it came her turn to answer questions. Every first lady picks up some cause or another. Heidi Cruz would like to take on education, particularly the issue of school choice, the notion of providing government money to allow students to attend private as well as public schools. The idea, while having great merit, as caused grinding political battles with various teachers’ unions for decades.

Cute children are always an asset for an ambitious politicians, and few have been more adorable than Caroline and Catherine Cruz, the first a talkative young lady who is almost eight and latter a somewhat shyer five-year-old.

The question was put to them: who would they like to invite to the White House? Why, their favorite singer Taylor Swift, of course. The joke on Twitter is that this represents the influence of Cruz internet guru Josh Perry, a Swift fan who once described her as the living embodiment of American exceptionalism.

Ever since the elder Bush, every American president has been fathers of daughters. Clinton had Chelsea, how a thirty-something political operative in her own right. The younger Bush had Jena and Barbara, now pursuing careers in journalism and education. President Obama has Malia and Sasha, school-aged children who have been more often seen and not heard.

Cruz would continue that tradition should he gain the Oval Office.

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