The singer’s body was found at the Paisley Park compound in the state of Minnesota Thursday morning. Various sources associated with the singer soon confirmedthe death. Several emergency dispatch calls were made for a ‘’male who isn’t breathing’’.

Even though paramedics attempted to perform CPR, they weren’t able to revive him. He was officially pronounced dead at 10:07AM., thirty minutes after an emergency unit responded to a call at the area.

The singer- whosereal name was Prince Rogers Nelson - suffered from a medical emergency during April 15th whenhis private plane had to make an emergency landing in the state of Illinois.

However, he was able to perform the next day to assure to his fans that he was fine. His representatives informed media outlets that he was battling a cold and the flu. Before his last appearance, Prince had to cancel two of his concerts because of health concerns.

The history

Prince first became a global superstar during 1982 after his album ‘1999’. He then went on to release hit after another,winning seven Grammy awards throughout the process. One of his best performances was at the 2007Super Bowl. Prince soldone million records throughout his career and even won the Oscar for best original song score for Purple Rainin1985.

He was married twice - the first one to one of his backup dancers, breaking up in 2000 and then to Manuel Testolini, breakingupin 2006.

He was enrolled into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame during 2004, one of the greatest achievements for any artist.

His last public appearance

As shocked fans mourned his death, there are still many questions on how he died, especially due to the fact thathe performed his last concert recently in Atlanta and didn’t look like he was suffering from any serious health problems.

Many fans stated how he performed greatly and the show ended up having excellent reviews.

A great amount of people in purple outfits and purple flowers lined the streets to mourn his death, asit came as a shock and a surprise to everyone.

"When I heard [the news of his death], it was like the finality of a giant chapter of my life knowing that there would be no more music," one of his fans, Allison Radnich, explained to CNN.

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