The Sheriff’s of the Roosevelt County Office made the statement on Facebook, explaining that the missing girl’s body has been found in the area of Poplar. He also stated that they have one suspect in custody, even though his information hasn’t been announced to the public. Kenzley was last seen on Tuesday at 12:30 p.m. Hours after she disappeared, the police stated that they believed the girl has been kidnapped that morning.

Her disappearance quickly spread all over national news, with popular shows like Nancy Grace sharing it and many others urging authorities to try to find her as soon as possible. Police initially believed that she was with Melinda Tweet or with Timothy Dornheim, but they later on announced that both of themhad absolutely nothing to do with it.

Cause of death

A spokesman for the county explained that cause hasn’t been determined until now, adding the FBIhas taken over the investigation.

Before the police found her body, authorities closed off block and streets in Poplar and rerouted traffic. They were also seen searching close by homes in hopes of finding her.

There were various police agencies included in the search for Kenzley Olson, such as the Sheriff’s Office of Roosevelt County, Police Department in Fort Peck, American Border Patrol, and national tribal agencies. Residents in the city received several Amber Alerts for Olson, with the first one being released on Wednesday around 2 a.m.

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Not the first case

This isn’t the first time a child has been kidnapped from this area within the last two months. Maci Lilley was kidnapped from Wolf Point during February and was later on discovered dead. Police arrested twenty year old Billy Leiba and charged him with kidnapping, sexual assault, and murder.

Many residents had contributed to the search for Lilley but authorities explained that there was little hope to find the girl alive.

Many people in the community had joined in the search for Lilley, and authorities said there was fading hope that the girl might be found alive. Many volunteers came out to help the police in hopes to find the girl before anything bad happens to her. It is predicted that within the next few days, more news are going to be released about the murder.

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