Safety concern at the convention

On April 29, 2016, Donald Trump took to the stage at the CA GOP Convention after what he called an experience of "crossing the border."With supporters and protesters alike gathered outside the convention, Trump spoke in detail of the maze he faced just getting there. However, it did nothing to phase the mood he was in, some might even call it a happy mood.

The night before, protesting turned riot with police arresting some, and helping the injured at one of Donald Trump's rallies. However, that's not surprising,Ted Cruz blames violence at Trump Rally on left-wing agitators.

While listening to the GOP front-runner speak LIVE via Right Side Broadcasting, I sensed an air of happiness about Donald Trump. I don't think I have seen this comical side of him, throughout his entire speech before. Sure Trump joked here and there to lighten the mood of crowds at his rallies but this was different, and the man of the hour put it all to good use.

Reaching the 1,000 delegates mark

One of the high points in Donald J. Trump's speech at the CA GOP Convention, was when he announced reaching 1,001 delegates earlier yesterday and even tweeted about it. As Trump spoke of making history, he remarked on not being the only one. SenatorTed Cruz, seemingly losing the battle for the nomineeposition, not only lost in the last five primaries, but has been unable to get voters to back him, and faces the like of John Boehner, whose comments have gone viral across social media calling Cruz "Lucifer in the flesh."TheWhite House defends Jon Boehner's claim,quick to chime in.

The Republican front-runner, seemingly won the crowd over at the convention saying, "We want immigrants to come into the country but it must be legal." The crowd broke out in applause. I remember when Donald Trump first spoke of building "The Wall" to stop immigrants from jumping the fence line from Mexico to come into the United States illegally.

The country was turned upside down with candidates attacking his illegal immigration stance, the media, even twitter was ablaze with remarks. Trump's vision for a safer country was seen as hateful, un-American, and racist. All these months later, millions support him.

What I liked most about Donald Trump's speech at the convention was the humble nature that came over him giving praise to his supporters saying, "He's won so many states, so many people are now voting who never voted before, and it is all because of the movement, not me!

It's the movement." That's a characteristic in Donald Trump everyone wants to see in a president. Someone who is for the people and speaks of their gain being because of the people. Something other candidates have not be able to pull off in this presidential race.

Moreover, everyone loves to hear this bold and brassy candidate call out the media on what true journalism is. He has often claimed media picks apart things said, to show candidates in a bad light. No other candidate can say they have seen this first hand more than Donald Trump, not even Hillary Clinton who is still under investigation for the well-known e-mail scandal.

While monitoring social media, voters seem to be very aware of what is happening and we must give some of that credit, if not all to Donald Trump and his running for the presidency.

Voters are unpleased with the fact that delegates can choose the nominee over their votes. It's nothing new but something everyone is more aware of, concerned about, and hopes if Donald Trump wins and becomes our next president of the United States, will change and give the power back to the people, not the delegates.

In Donald Trump's closing at the convention on Friday, he joked about his somewhat dangerous departure ahead, "They'll be taking me out of here under a fence, into a field.." making his closing statement as light and witty as his opening.

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