The 2016 election has turned into a nightmare for Republicans and Democrats, as infighting has become the norm on both sides of the aisle. While Democrats Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have become more personal in their attacks as of late, it still pales in comparison to what has occurred at Donald Trump rallies across the country.

Campaign chaos

With the New York primary just a week away, every candidate is doing their best to lock up as many delegates as possible. Though he has a commanding double-digit lead, Republican front runner Donald Trump is pushing hard in his home state, after a string of defeats to Texas Sen.

Ted Cruz. While campaigning in Albany on Monday night, violence erupted during a rally, which ended in a white Trump supporter attacking a black protester.

As seen in a video provided by The Daily Gazette, and altercation occurred between supporters and protesters. A supporter, identified as Mike from Albany, can be seen reaching for the protester, before winding up and smacking him in the face.

NBC News was able to catch up with Mike from Albany, who attempted to explain the situation, while justifying his actions. "He started yelling," Mike explained, before noting that he pushed the protester in the face because he would yelling at him.

"I'll snatch anybody up that gonna yell in my face over anything," Mike said, stating that he has his "personal rights" and "personal space." Mike went on to say that if a protester is going to yell in his face, "I’ll snatch your a$$ up.

That's all." When asked if he was a Trump supporter, Mike responded "Hell Yeah!," saying of the former host of "The Apprentice," "He's no bulls**t. All balls. F**k you all balls. That's what I’m about."

History of violence

Over the last two months, violence has escalated on the campaign trail, most notably for the GOP front runner.Within a 24 hour period on Feb 29, a TIME Magazine photographer was slammed to the ground by a member of Secret Service, while 30 African-American students were instructed to leave a separate rally in Georgia, despite reports noting that they were "sitting silently" by a set of bleachers.

Various examples of violence have since been reported, but a March rally in Chicago was when it hit its peak. Before speaking to a crowd in Chi-Town, the campaign spoke to local authorities and made the decision to cancel the event after supporters and protesters clashed, ending in multiple arrests.

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