John Boehner, the formerSpeaker of the House, pulled a face when asked about Ted Cruz and then went on to calling him "Lucifer in the flesh."It happened on Wednesday evening, when Boehner was on stage at the CEMEX Auditorium with the faculty director and history professor emeritus, David M. Kennedy. The talk was hosted by the Stanford Speakers Bureau and Stanford in Government (SIG).

Boehner began the evening by making a few digs at himself saying “You can call me boner, beaner, jackass, happy to answer to almost anything," but quickly turned his guns on Cruz when asked what he thought about Cruz as the Republican Presidential candidate.

The talk went smoothly, with Kennedy discussing the various Republican candidates and Boehner replying on his relations with each of them. After that Kennedy opened the floor to the students for a round of Q&A and the session from there on was interspersed with laughter as the questions drew Boehner into answering about his support for the Republican Presidential candidates and if he would back Cruz on the off chance that Cruz did make it as the Republican Presidential candidate.

Strong words

The former Speaker of the House was quick to call Cruz “Lucifer in the flesh” and then go on to say “I have Democrat friends and Republican friends.

I get along with almost everyone, but I have never worked with a more miserable son of a b**** in my life.”

There are probably a lot of people out there wondering why the Republicans hoping to stall Donald Trump’s seemingly unstoppable journey to the 2016 presidential nomination haven’t done the logical thing and rallied fervently around Ted Cruz, the only man who’s given Trump an even nominal run for his money.

On Wednesday, former House Speaker John Boehner provided all the evidence you’ll ever need as to why the Cruz train has never left the station.Keeping aside the hilarity Boehner’s remarks evoked, they carried a deeper message about the likeability of Cruz amongst the people generally, but more specifically within the Republicans themselves.

The effort to ‘Stop Trump’ could be destabilized by the simple fact that the other nominee in the fray is more disliked than Trump, which is a big win for Donald Trump, who is on a roll, whether you like it or not.

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