Trump's bid to become president was catapulted to front runner status when he infamously stated that Mexico was sending drug dealers, rapists, and criminals to the United States in the form of illegal immigrants. In the days that followed, the once long-shot candidate quickly gained traction as an outpouring of resentment and anger over illegal immigration and other issues quickly pushed Trump to the top of the GOP pack.

In the months since, Trump has continued to make controversial remarks.

He has claimed that “Islam hates us,” and has refused to condemn the white supremacists who have come out in support of his campaign. Trump's company has even been pursued by the governmentfor refusing to rent to black people.

Poll data show Trump enjoys support among racists

It should come as no surprise then that data show that Trump enjoys widespread support among people who hold racist views. A Pew poll found that among Americans, only 8 percent of people believe that increasing diversity will make America worse.

Among Trump supporters? That number jumps to 17 percent, more than double the national rate.

Earlier polling by YouGov, meanwhile, found that 20 percent of Trump's supporters actually disproved of the emancipation proclamation, which freed slaves. A third of Trump's supporters in South Carolina also supported the Japanese interment, which saw Japanese Americans held in concentration camps solely based on their Japanese heritage.

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Donald Trump

Trump's supporters were even found to be less likely than the supporters of other Republican candidates to support the desegregation of the U.S. military.

Meanwhile, Public Policy Polling found some disturbing statistics among Trump supporters who voted in the South Carolina primary this past February. About 70 percent of Trump's supporters want to see the Confederate flag flying on state grounds once again.

While such people may not be racist, the flag is viewed by many as a symbol of oppression. Meanwhile, 38 percent wish that the South had won the Civil War,which would have kept slaves in their chains.

Whether or not Trump is encouraging racism is debatable. His higher than average support among people who hold racist views, however, is backed up by cold, hard data. While most Americans now hold more progressive views in regards to race, many of those Americans who don't hold such views are finding their way into the Trump camp.

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