Where is the world can you Travel and feel safe today? With the latest beheadings in the Philippines, you have to wonder if you can safely travel anywhere.

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Reign of Terror

ISIS is everywhere so don't think you are safe anywhere in the world. No matter what you do, someone wants to spoil it. Extremists are plentiful and ISIS is not the only group to want to rule the world. Their doctrine rules how the think and act and if you are not part of it, perhaps you should take note of what incites suicide bombers and beheadings.

Terror has been a part of man's history. There are no points in time when some terror group wanted to take control.

The second World War is an example of terrorizing one group or more that did not fit into a defined role. Before that were Vikings, Spaniards, British, Portuguese, and so on. Each had a history of terrorizing those that were not a part of the main belief system.

Today's Horror

The news of having a head in a plastic bag thrown into a group of playing children is absolutely disgusting. Although the children saw blood, they immediately reported the bag to the local police. It is then they realized it was one of the 4 hostages taken in the Philippines days before. Later in the day, the body was found and the brutal facts were evidence that the person beheaded was a retired Canadian living in the area.

Jolo City is where the gruesome scene played out. The island has been known as a haven for ISIS and this shout to all should have been expected. The remaining 3 hostages are still not accounted for. What their fate may be is still uncertain, but I guess that we will soon learn about their untimely demises in the very near future.

Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau called the incident " a cold and cruel murder" and that he "condemns without reservation the brutality of the hostage taking".

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