In a rare exchange between hosts of rival cable news networks, Fox News' Megyn Kelly spoke to MSNBC host Al Sharpton on Wednesday night. The issue of the death of African-American Michael Brown at the hands of officer Darren Wilson was brought up, as was Sharpton's reaction in the aftermath of the incident in Ferguson, Missouri.

Ferguson in flames

On August 9, 2014, 18-year-old Michael Brown was shot and killed by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson. As expected, the Black Lives Matter movement were to quick to blame Wilson, labeling Brown's death as another example of police brutality. Despite evidence showing Brown had robbed a local convenience store earlier that day, attacking the owner on the way out, while later reaching into Wilson's police car in an attempt to grab his weapon, Sharpton and others still put the blame on the doorstep of Wilson and the local police department.

Kelly asked Sharpton, "Do you feel bad about what you said?," in reference to his response to Ferguson. Sharpton quickly responded that he "stated what I believed." As Kelly continued to press Sharpton on the issue, he fired back, "Megyn, calm down!"

Kelly brought up that the Justice Department found no evidence for Wilson to be charged, to which Sharpton grabbed Kelly's microphone, turning it to her face, before asking, "You didn't see me out there protesting afterwards, did you?."

Race relations in the United States

Following the announcement that Wilson would not be charged for Brown's death, hundreds of protesters became violent across the city.

Local business were broken into, as protesters looted stores. Police cars were set on fire, as were otherbuildings, mostly owned by minorities in the community.

The Black Lives Matter movement continues to stay relevant in the 2016 election, often showing up at presidential campaign rallies to protest.

Recent examples of Black Lives Matter occurred at a Donald Trump rally earlier this month, when a black protester was hit in the face by a white Trump supporter. During a speech given by Bill Clinton earlier this week, the former president got intoanexchange with members of the Black Lives Matter movement over the crime bill signed into law during his administration.

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