The music industry is known for changing in many ways. Artists come and go but numbers do not lie on the charts. Zaena Morisho who is an African singer and songwriter has certainly made her way into the industry with an interesting style of music. She was born in the DR Congo, but raised in Houston TX which is a huge jump in location, but a fascinating story. By the age of 8 she began singing in a community choir where she learned to develop her voice as an artist. As the years went by of development she released her debut album “ Break the Surface” which includes the hit song “Ur Love”.

the popular song has amassed over a million views on YouTube in just under 4 months.

With working on her new music, she has released a brand new single entitled "One Thing" produced by super producer and songwriter James Worthy. This particular record gives us a mixture of genre's from Reggae, R&B, Hip Hop, and Pop. Most importantly the message within the song catches you instantly including a catchy hook to remember. Being that this song is a fan favorite its now peaking at over 100k views on YouTube which is very good for an independent release.

"One Thing" is now available on iTunes and will be on Zaena's new album "Zaena Now" coming later 2016.The making of this piece of work as any other is interesting as well. According to Mr Worthy the song was recorded 3 times to its last final product. It seems that James has been the go to producer for many artists nowadays , and Zaena is no exception. Will this song become as popular as others on the radio?

Or just another song hot for now? These questions I hope to have answered throughout the year of 2016. In today's time perfection is key when making great music and in this case Zaena and James have hit that on the mark. Follow Zaena Morisho on all social media pages below:

Instagram: @Zaena_MorishoTwitter: @ZaenaM

Zaena Morisho Singles:

One ThingMi Na WeUr LoveRock The NaturalGimmie All Your LoveBad BoyCome Get ItBaby Don't GoUntil The Sky FallsI Give You My Heart

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