An online petition to try to allow attendees to carry firearms during the Republican National Convention is gaining momentum. The petition "Allow Open Carry of Firearms at the Quicken Loans Arena during the RNC Convention in July," is now up to over 40,000 signatures. The convention is set to take place at the Quicken Loans Arena between July 18-21 in Cleveland, Ohio.

In Ohio, residents who are at least 21 years of age can legally obtain a permit to carry a concealed weapon. Open carry is legal in Ohio and does not require a permit. The arena, as a private business and in accordance with Ohio state law, can choose whether patrons of their establishment can carry weapons (openly or concealed) on their property.

This petition calls for the venue to change their policy during the convention.

Five points of action addressed

The petition "points of action" include the Quicken Loans Arena to have a "suspension of their policy preventing the open carry of firearms on the premises." Next, it calls for The National Rifle Association (N.R.A.) to condemn the "egregious affront to the Second Amendment" and the loopholes in Ohio law. The third point calls for Ohio Governor Kasich to use "executive authority to override the gun-free zone loophole." The fourth point, in part, addresses the Republican National Committee to explain how a "venue so unfriendly to Second Amendment rights was chosen" for the convention.

Lastly, it asks all nominees of the republican party to "insist upon a suspension of the Quicken Loans Arena's unconstitutional "gun-free zone" loophole."

Positions on gun control

The petition gives readers quick quotes from each of the candidates about their stance concerning gun control. Donald Trump said he will get "rid of gun-free zones" at schools and military bases if he is elected President.

Ted Cruz stated shootings happen in "so-called gun-free zones." Ohio Governor John Kasich said he is fighting Democrats "to end "gun-free zones" at National Guard facilities" in the state. It also states in the petition that the arena has a policy on their website stating "firearms and other weapons of any kind are strictly forbidden on the premises of Quicken Loans Arena."

Who has the final say

In Ohio.

the public has the right to carry firearms. Business and property owners have the right to choose to allow or not allow weapons on their property and in their establishments. The Secret Service may be the only authority having jurisdiction over anyone's choice regardless of who wants what, including the nominees of the Republican National Convention.

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