Thank you Apple for raising the value of my home here in Silicon Valley. I still can't afford to sell it. If I did, where would my family and I go?

Cherry Orchards become Apple Orchards

Apple has purchased a huge lot - about the size of two Lowes stores with parking lot included. The lot is a 5-minute walk from my house. They are building something there. A starship maybe ... in time for Star Wars 8?

Apple is putting up a huge building about 300 meters from my house as the crow flies. The building is really beautiful, all windows, surrounding an old beat up greasy spoon diner owned by a Korean couple who doesn't want to sell.

I know the place and have eaten there often. The owner, Ken, is pushing 80! Seriously. I asked him why he didn't want to sell to Apple for 8 figures.

"What would I do each morning if I didn't come here to flip burgers?", he answered.

Ken and his wife, June are worth 8 figures. They have been in the Valley for more than 50 years. In addition to the diner, they have done land speculation. Their lawyer daughter and doctor daughter are proof that this 1st generation Korean couple did something well. They don't need Apple's money.

Another 100 meters to the left from this greasy spoon diner that Apple is building around is a 5-building, 6-story each complex that LinkedIn built and is now leasing to ...

Apple. To the right of the diner about a half mile, Apple has taken over quite a few buildings in the downtown of Sunnyvale.

Sunnyvale is Apple's 2nd Home

Who said Cupertino is home to Apple? Well, it is. But Sunnyvale is Apple's second home.

Duncan Sinfield is a local. Every now and then, he sends up a drone to flutter around the construction site of Apple's new campus.

It's about 3-4 miles from the greasy spoon diner.

Perhaps we have this all wrong. Apple is not the center here.

Kal's BBQ is.

My bet is that in time, Ken's children are the ones who are going to sell out to Apple. What would a doctor and lawyer and their families do with a breakfast and BBQ joint?

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