Apple and the US government are at odds.

Apple Cooperates Except When Needed

The US government and Apple are bickering over whether Apple should cooperate by letting the US government into the backdoor of an iPhone to track down a killer/terrorist. Apple is available 24/7/365 the company says. Except when they are really needed though.

There's an inherent distrust of big brother in our area. I have a buddy: intelligent, educated, mature (usually) and also very paranoid. It's not unusual in Silicon Valley.

Apple's decision to not cooperate on this one point of hacking the backdoor of an iPhone (are there others?) has split the nation.

That's not hard to do. If someone put up a picture of someone wearing green shoes, at least half the nation would say they were blue shoes with yellow thread in them.

The half of the nation that lives in California agrees with Apple, (not all of us!) and the other half of the nation doesn't.

To be fair, California is only about one tenth of the United States population. But more of us are online and we are definitely more vocal. We can certainly give the appearance of being the majority. Can you say Reddit trolls?

We Influence the Voice of Social Networks

And we know how to wield our influence in the social networks. Facebook HQ, Google Plus, Twitter, and others are all less than an hour by car from Apple HQ.

And as much as they each hate Apple, they hate big brother more. It's kind of like when the Pharisees and Herodians ganged up on Jesus.

The US Supreme Court ruled AGAINST Apple's eBook antitrust appeal.

In just one line, the chief justices let stand a $450 million judgment against the fruit company.

Apple got in bed with publishers to drive up prices on eBooks.

Of course, everyone in Cupertino is blaming Jobs since he's not here to defend himself.

You Can't Influence the Supreme Court

But we know. The supreme justices did NOT let Apple's defiant stance influence their decision, right?

The US Government's top judges would be too immature to do that, right?

Apple is worth around $800 billion.

Being hit with a judgment of $450 million is like telling somebody with $8,000 in the bank, they have to give up $4.50. I'll bet that really hurt.

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