Belgian prosecutors have charged two men in connection with the terrorist attacks in Brussels four days ago. Belgium's federal authorities charged a suspect, known as Faycal C, with murder, attempted murder and involvement with a terrorist organisation.

Another suspect, referred to as Aboubakar A, was apprehended in a car in another part of the city. He is accused of participating in a terrorist group. Both men were arrested on Thursday and join two others arrested in connection with the Paris terror attacks on Friday.

Belgium criticized for intelligence failures

The bombing at a Brussels airport and metro station left more than 30 people dead and 300 wounded.

The attacks followed the arrest of the suspected mastermind of the Paris terror attacks last year, Salah Abdelslam. Authorities believe the Brussels suspects are part of Abdelslam's terror cell.

European nations have increased their security in the wake of the bombings, which sent shock waves throughout the European Union. The attacks took place not far from European parliament building and European Commission headquarters.

The attacks at the heart of the European Union were unexpected and Belgian authorities have faced criticism for failing to cooperate effectively with other intelligence services. The suspected perpetrators were on a watch list but Belgium's security services failed to foresee the attacks.

Europe increases security measures

Belgium is now on its highest state of alert while the French government has pledged to continue using theharsh security measures introduced after the Paris attacks in November.

France declared a state of emergency following the Bataclan theatre terror attack and has not yet considered lifting the special security measures in place since the tragedy.

Limits on public assembly, increased border controls and revision of citizenship laws have all proved controversial reactions to the terror threat.

While Belgian prosecutors continue to question suspects in custody, Europe remains on high alert amid the continued threat of terrorism.

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