More proof that the wheels are starting to come off of the Donald Trump for President Campaign occurred, according to CNBC, when Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski was charged with battery by the Jupiter Police Department in Florida. The charge stems from an incident during a Trump campaign rally when Lewandowski allegedly grabbed the arm of Michelle Fields, then a reporter for Breitbart, and pulled her back.

Lewandowski and the Trump campaign are maintaining his innocence. But Fields displayed a bruise on her arm consistent with a man grabbing it from behind. Videotape and the testimony of a nearby reporter from the Washington Post would also seem to back up Fields’ story. Lewandowski has already retained a criminal defense lawyer.

Lewandowski is said to be as much guilty of arrogance as he may be of battery.

Instapundit’s Glenn Reynolds points out that the matter could have been settled informally with an apology over drinks. Instead, the campaign manager and Trump supporters doubled down on the offense, calling Fields “delusional” and worse. Fields was eventually obliged to resign from Breitbart because the news page, which has supporting Trump, refused to stand by her.

The Ted Cruz campaign was quick to react to the news of the criminal charge.

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Donald Trump

It released a statement that incident proves that the Trump campaign is prone to violence, violent rhetoric, and now actual physical violence.

Virtually any other political campaign whose manager had gotten himself into such legal trouble would have cut him loose, at least suspending him until the criminal case would be resolved one way or another. However, the Trump campaign thus far is supporting Lewandowski and has not changed his status as campaign manager.

All of this adds up to a classic Greek-style tragedy in which hubris, that being an overwhelming arrogance, brings forth as night follows day, nemesis, the punishment for the misbehavior. In the plays of Sophocles and others, the punishment is inflicted by the gods. In the case of Trump and his supporters, the sentence is more likely to be meted out by the voters.



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