Michelle-Lael Norsworthy killed a 26-year old man when he, sooner or later to be she was 21. She, um, he spent 28 years in the pokey before a 3-judge panel of the most liberal court in the system 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals recommended parole and she got it.

Norsworthy (Whew! I don't have to write she, er, he anymore) is now 52.

Norsworthy went to jail as a man. I think it was because Norsworthy was, still is, a man. Consequently, Norsworthy had to spend 28 years trapped in the prison with other like-minded folks ... murderers, rapists, and other bad guys. Poor baby.

Show me the girls

What MLN wanted was to be housed with the girls.

For clarity's sake MLN is NOT multi-level network. It's easy to get confused, I know. Man? Woman?

MLN suffered sleepless night. There were also panic attacks while being in prison. Poor baby again. Prison wasn't all she hoped it would be. San Mateo's new prison might fix that. MLN just went to prison before she could be accommodated properly.

It's not MLN's fault. It's ours ... not.

MLN challenged the court medical system so much so that it was finally ruled that sex reassignment surgery be given at the taxpayers' expense. That means I have to chip in and pay. Uncool!

Half-way House in San Francisco

MLN is living in a half-way house in San Francisco with other girls.

Since she got out before the prison medical system could do the surgery, she has opted to get the surgery through another taxpayer funded program - Medi-Cal.

That's right.

We Californians love paying for things we don't agree to.

I suppose she might get married at some point. Perhaps her new partner will have medical benefits. She will then be entitled to share in her partners benefits.

MLN wants to get her own job with benefits. Getting past the interview question, "Why were you in jail?" is an obstacle.

"I was too male. I had a gun. The guy made me mad. He's dead now. He doesn't make me mad anymore. Just regretful."

Speakers' Circuit is Waiting

I suppose there is probably a place for MLN on the speaker's circuit.

There are girls, boys, transgender wannabes, still in the prison system. The door is wide open for them to make the transition.

And if they get paroled before the ruling comes down, well they can get Medi-Cal.

Just send us the bill.

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