The European Union capital city of Brussels is the latest victim of terrorism after three massive explosions in the airport and subway struck fear and terror into the hearts of its citizens.

Belgium authorities have now increased security measures around the country.

Maalbeek's financial district was the site of this horrendous attack on Tuesday morning as a series of single blast charges have left more then 20 dead and 80 wounded in an apparent double attack that targeted the subway and airport in Brussels. The Belgian health minister reported this afternoon that 11 people were declared officially dead and more then 81 innocent civilians were injured in the airport attack.

A reported suicide attack began around 8am this morning in Brussels at the check-in section of the Brussels airport. These violent acts come come are on the aftermath of the Paris attacks last November, with many of the Muslim terrorist suspects fleeing to Belgium and being apprehended following their crimes in France just a few days prior. After that raid on the Paris bombers, Belgium officials believe that other members within that same terrorist network used Brussels as a soundboard to vent their rage at their capture of their associates.

Other European nations have enacted tougher security measures following the Brussels disaster.

Germany, Great Britain, France, the Netherlands as well as the US have all increased their security measures after hearing of the News in Belgium this morning.

Aware of the ramifications that have occurred following the Syrian refugee crisis, these European Nations took extra precaution in safeguarding their airports and train stations. In Belgium, federal authorities have placed troops and local police on patrol for fear of a reprisal attack, placing the EU capital in a state of emergency.

This is reported to be the first major act of terrorism in the city, a scale comparable to that of both France and Spain of previous years. Many of the victims of this heinous attack suffered severe burn and shrapnel wounds in the legs which suggests that the terrorists must have had a bomb hidden in one of their bags at the airport.

The metro system in Belgium has officially been closed down following the attacks and now the city of Brussels in a state of emergency. Other European nations are also on the alert as England has placed federal authorities in airport terminals with the goal of establishing a more stringent screening system in all airports throughout the nation.

What we know so far and what we can predict in the near future.

Perhaps a result of the terrorist suspects being apprehended from Paris or just a random act of cowardice by the perpetrators, no one knows for sure as of yet. Europe has seen much on home soil and hindsight is always 20-20. White House correspondents released a statement today while President Obama is still on his historic diplomatic visit to Cuba.

The United States has also placed the nation under high alert, with Washington DC rerouting many of its subways away from Capital buildings and bomb sniffing dogs checking passenger backpacks at the state airport. Eyewitness reports in Brussels said the scenes at the metro were a mix of shattered glass, burnt victims, and demolished concrete, a setting reminiscent of the heart wrenching tragedy of 911 in New York City. K-9 Units are all over this story in the United States, with major cities across the country stepping up measures to prevent another terrorist attack in response to the horrific incident that occurred Tuesday morning in Brussels. Belgium is just a spoke in the wheel of numerous heinous crimes imposed by Muslim fundamentalists on the Western world.

The latest explosion in Brussels proves that fundamentalism cannot be tolerated and a coordinated attack such as this is the result not of foreign policy, as Belgium has had little to do with the affairs of the Mideast, but by sheer cowardice of the perpetrators.

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