I had a friend once who claimed he needed to go to sex anonymous. I thought he was strange. I thought he was looking for an excuse to justify his lusts.

He ended up going to therapy. Thirty plus years later he is still married. I am not. Maybe I am the one who needed help.

We Distance Ourselves from the Kinky

It seems we are eager to throw the book at people who are caught in sex acts. We want to distance ourselves from them.

Look how fast Tiger Woods was dropped by his sponsors. Maybe, just maybe he really did have a problem.

There's a Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist who is, um, was a member of a very prestigious firm who is being accused of keeping a sex slave for a baker's dozen years.

The Stanford graduate had been working at the firm for 20 years. He's in his early 50's now. Among other things, he has taken one tech firm to a $600+ million exit. He was also on a team that took another company public that is now worth $6 billion.

Picked Up a Stripper and Kept Her

He is accused of somewhere along the way of picking up a strip tease dancer and putting her under contract for $40 million, of which he has paid $10 million, to make his kinky fantasies in reality.

She's not taking him to court for being kept as a sex slave. She just wants the rest of her money.

He's not saying he never had sex, a lot of it, outside of his ongoing marriage, he's saying he doesn't want to pay.

She is suing.

He is countersuing.

The firm where he was a cog in a money making machine for 20 years dropped him. Apparently, he is guilty until proven innocent.

I remember a line in the movie of Forrest Gump.

"A man only needs so much money. After that, the rest is just for show."

Apparently there are other ways men can spend their money ...

or not. It depends on the outcome of the investigation.

I can hear the lawyers laughing now.

"Did you read what they did when they were in Barbados?"

"Look at what she says happened in Butte."

My bet when all is said and done, the winner of the lawsuit is going to be the lawyers.

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