Sarah Palin might have recently signed a deal to star in a new TV show, but her family is having a rough start to 2016. In addition to her daughter's child custody issues, Palin's son has also lost time with his daughter.

Track's legal troubles

This past January, 26-year-old Track Palin, son of former half-term Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, was arrested in Wasilla, Alaska and charged with, but not limited to, domestic violence against a female and possession of a weapon while intoxicated.


The arrest came at a bad time for the failed 2008 vice presidential candidate, as less than 24 hours later Sarah Palin returned to the spotlight to endorse GOP front runner Donald Trump for president. Track and his arrest news has remained largely out of headlines, until a March 25 report from Radar Online.

In court documents obtained by Radar Online, Track's ex-wife, Britta Hanson, took him to court just days after the arrest was made.

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Donald Trump

Hanson and Track were married in 2011, but were divorced just a year later. Hanson filed for a custody modification on Feb. 6, requesting a change in their child custody sharing agreement. The agreement was satisfied, and limits Palin to seeing his 4-year-old daughter, Kyla Grace, to just four days a month with no overnight visits permitted.

Palin's rough 2016

After Track was arrested, Sarah Palin attempted to deflect blame from her son and onto President Obama.


The former governor claimed that Obama's failure to improve the lives of veterans caused her son's alleged PTSD, which she believes led to his outburst. Despite the claims, veterans groups spoke out against Palin, including Rick Rieckhoff, the head of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA). Rieckhoff said Palin should not "politicize" PTSD or use it as a"portable chew toy in a political campaign."

Also in 2016, Bristol Palin was on the losing end of two separate child custody battles.

In each case, the judge awarded the fathers joint custody, giving Palin's ex Levi Johnston time with their son Trip, and ex Dakota Meyer time with their daughter Sailor Grace.

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