In recent weeks the Republican Party's establishment has come out in full revolt against the possibility of Donald Trump becoming the party's nominee. On the other side of the aisle, Barack Obama has become one of the most vocal sitting presidents in regards to the on-going election campaign and the possibility of a President Trump. Now, the Economic Intelligence Unit has found that Donald Trump ranks as the 6th greatest threat to global security in the world, tied with “jihadi terrorism destabilizes the global economy”.

You read that right, a Trump Presidency is considered as grave a risk as the Islamic State, Al Queda, Boko Haram, and all the rest combined. Mind you, the Economic Intelligence Unit is one of the most respected research firms in the world. The firm is also known for being relatively unbiased and objective. This is no conspiracy blogger launching a tirade, it's a respected company that has built a reputation for deft insights.

Among the reasons Trump ranks so high on the threat scale is his ambitions to erect trade barriers, which would likely set off a trade war.

If the U.S. were to place heavy tariffs on imported goods, those countries affected would likely respond with tariffs of their own. Further, rising prices would almost certainly increase inflation.

Trump has also promised to erect a large wall between the United States and Mexico, and has suggested that Mexico will pay for it. These inflammatory remarks have already increased international tensions, with Mexican politicians blasting Trump for his plan.

If such a wall were erected, it could potentially destabilize relations between the United States and the rest of Latin America.

Trump is taking especially strong flak over his lack of a policy plan. So far, the Presidential candidate has preferred to shoot-from-the-hip, seeming to say whatever he wants, to whoever he wants. This has translated to large crowds and a riled up base, but analysts question whether Trump has any real plans for implementing policies.

Trump Not The Gravest Threat

Trump can take some solace, however. His presidential ambitions are not considered as grave a threat as a “Grexit” and breakup of the European Union (5th gravest threat), China's economy faltering (1st), or a renewed cold war with Russia (2cnd).

Trump is a greater threat to global stability, however, than a British exit from the European Union, Chinese expansionist ambitions, and an oil price shock.

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So while a Trump Presidency may not be the greatest threat, it's certainly high on the list.

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