The 2016 election has provided the American people a stark contrast between the two major political parties in the country, and a detailed look into each of the candidates. While the Republicans and Democrats battle it out over who will be the next president, the current commander in chief appears to be in the good graces of the American people.

Obama on the rise

With less than a year left in office, President Obama is attempting to finish up any remaining policies he hopes to make law. With gridlock in Congress at an all-time high, the president has done his best to work with Republicans who often make it difficult to pass routine pieces of legislation.

As Republicans continue to bicker with each other on the campaign trail, Obama is benefiting as is reflected in the latest Gallup poll released on March 10.

Not since May 2013 has president Obama had as much support from the people. Of those polled, 50 percent approve of Obama's performance as president. As expected, the polling was partisan, with 87 percent of Democrats approving of the president, with just 11 percent of Republicans saying the same. When compared to former President George W. Bush during this point in his presidency, Obama holds a commanding lead.

In March 2008, Bush had the approval of just 32 percent of Americans, which would only continue to fall following the financial crisis that would occur that September. Obama's approval is on the same level as former President Ronald Reagan, who the GOP hold in high esteem.

Current state of politics

One reason why many Americans continue to side with the president is the improving economy.

At just 4.9 percent, the unemployment rate is at its lowest in over eight years. In over 70 straight months, the private sector has created jobs, and the stock market has more than doubled since Obama took office in Jan. 2009. Another example is in the aftermath of the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

Republicans have refused to even vote on Obama's potential nominee, creating a empty seat on the court for the foreseeable future. When polled, the majority of Americans believe the president should be allowed to nominate a Justice who will get a fair vote in Congress.

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