This morning Sky News reported that they have received Islamic State leaked documents detailing the names and personal information of recruits from at least 51 countries, including the United States and the UK. 

A treasure trove of documents

Thousands of documents, containing over 22,000 names, addresses, telephone numbers, and family contacts, were leaked to Sky News on a memory stick stolen by Abu Hamed, head of Islamic State's Internal Security Police.

Hamed, a former Free Syrian Army fighter who defected to the Islamic State, was entrusted to guard the organization's core secrets. 

Hamed said he became disillusioned with the leadership of the Islamic State saying, "the rules he believed in, totally collapsed," prompting him to quit and expose the organization's secrets

The thoroughly detailed documents were handed out to recruits at border-crossings into ISIS territories and included 23 questions ranging from basic personal data to in-depth intimate details like blood type, personal properties left behind, and level of obedience. 

One of the files on the USB flash drive was titled, "Martyrs" and detailed a full brigade manned by fighters who were trained and willing to die by suicide attacks. 

A growing threat

The documents reveal that ISIS has been recruiting jihadist from many countries, including Libya, Syria, Tunisia, Iraq, France, America, and Germany.

Security officials in America and Europe are warning that ISIS is intent on carrying out high-profile attacks in Western countries. 

Authorities also confirm that several names (including 12 Americans in the documents) are on their watch list and are "well-known" (including  American jihadist Douglas McArthur McCain, a 33-year-old man from Minnesota who died while fighting for ISIS in Syria in September of 2014). 

Doctor Vissilios Damiras from the Praesidium Institute, an American Think Tank, described the leaked documents as "an extremely important find that will assist the world in fighting the jihadist group." He said, "It will also assist countries in identifying and prosecuting those individuals who have returned to their countries after training and fighting with Daesh."

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