One of biggest challenges we face today is dealing with incredible climates changes. 30 years ago, the same issues were raised and although some thought they were solved, here we are dealing with those same problems again, and again. Nothing seems to get resolved and time is running short. Just look at the rising seas from the polar cap meltdown.

Changes in the Infrastructure

Fossil Fuels, whether they are coal, LNG (natural gas), or oil are soon to be a thing of the past, or, at least, they should be. Transportation technology has been around for years and yet we still have difficulty embracing the reality of no more fossil fuels.

Arguments over pipelines are simply nonsensical although they could be necessary for only a short period of time. Can we truly eliminate them? How long will it take to change the way we transport goods and services as well as ways to move people?

Is It Too Late To Change?

Can we truly change our habits when it comes to moving around the planet?

After listening to David Suzuki on CBC last evening, I began to realize that it may be too late and that we are doomed to fail the planet. Because this is a pretty bold statement, other scientists may say that it is very late and we may have difficulty making the changes needed but there may some hope. No one is really sure.

The Critics

It does not matter where or when, critics are always there and they focus on the individual rather than the issue itself. If the discussions were to be directed to the reality, then perhaps we could have a grip on Climate Change and where it is taking us.

Where are we Going?

That all depends on how many people really take the issue seriously. There are many around the world that have an understanding of climate change. The world has now focused on what could be rather than what is to be.According to some scientists, our world, if we keep going the way we are will not exist. We will have managed to destroy all that is around us. I prefer to think that we can actually all do a little bit to save our planet and not let politics, terrorism, religion, or money paybacks get in the way. We are all children of this earth.