DINKs they are called. Double Income No Kids. A couple in San Francisco can make $150K/yearly EACH working for Twitteror Google or Facebook and still not be able to buy a house.

Who Cooks for the Nerds?

High tech jobs are growing in the area. Employment is up. More people are moving to the area.

Low-wage workers are up 16%, middle-wage workers are up 11% and high-wage workers are up 6% in Silicon Valley. (For what it's worth, even people make a lot of money they still don't know how to drive.)

The issue with the increase in the number of low- and middle-wage workers is where are they going to live?

My single neighbor rented out a room in his 800-square foot house (one bathroom) to a guy and his girl-friend for over $2000!

How Much for a Baker's Dozen of Bagels?

As I write this, I am sitting in one of our average coffee shops for this area. The price for a baker's dozen of cookies (13 for those who don't know. When ordering a dozen the baker always threw in one extra) is about $36!

The kids behind the counter baking the cookies are making minimum wage and living with their parents or renting out rooms and living with friends like my neighbor.

Google and Apple will pay $36/dozen for bagels because they can afford it. They will buy the same from Plush Bagels, or Fancy Fritters (not their real names).

Or, more likely than not, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and the lot will hire their own staff and pay them to whip up breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything in between for a fair price.

Academics Flee Silicon Valley

The department chair at a local small college had to leave the area because he and his wife could not afford to pay $18,000/year for day care for their pre- preschooler.

The department chair! They left the area.

We have perfect weather and we pay for it.

But somebody has to pump the gas, until some disruptive force figures out how to make that happen automatically.

Somebody has to keep the stocks shelved with Cheerios until Amazon figures out how to fly them to us by drone.

Wait. That's already happened.

Somebody has to mow the lawn until they figure out how to put down fake putting-green style lawns. Okay, that's happened, too.

My biggest fear I suppose is that they'll come up with robots that can pound out content and make silly remarks about life here in Silicon Valley. Yup, they've done that, too.

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