As the spurious accusations that Sen. Ted Cruz, a candidate for president of the United States, has carried on a secret life as a serial adulterer with at least five mistresses continues to titillate and outrage, media personality Glen Beck, a Cruz supporter, weighed in on the matter. Beck doubts that the story is true for what he says is five reasons, but only had time for three.

First, Beck says that Cruz “has no game” which means that he is too much of a nerd to be that much of a womanizer.

Mind, actress Carrie Fisher once suggested that nerds are the most enthusiastic lovers she has come across. The idea of a nerd as socially awkward can be correct, but the aphrodisiac of power can counteract that.

Second, neither Beck nor anyone he knows has seen the signs of the sexual predator in Cruz. This reason is more convincing. Someone who is always on the hunt shows signs of it and tends to be indiscrete.

The third stated reason is that Cruz is too ambitious to get sidetrack by engaging in affairs. Mind, that sort of thing didn’t even slow Bill Clinton down. Even Newt Gingrich managed to blow up his first two marriages and still become a transformative figure when he became the first Republican speaker of the House in 40 years during the 1990s. However, the rules tend to be different for family values style conservatives like Cruz.

Clinton never pretended to believe in the sanctity of marriage, especially his own. Cruz, savvy politician that he is, knows this to be true.

The real reason that Cruz has likely remained faithful is something that doesn’t get stated about a politician when this sort of thing arises. Perhaps he is telling the truth and that he genuinely loves his wife Heidi, an attractive, accomplished woman. Perhaps Cruz would not do anything that might bring her embarrassment or humiliation.

Of course, to acknowledge this possibility is to suggest that behind the face of the driven politician, the young man in a hurry, is someone with human feelings and virtues, which would cause accusations of naivety.  But precedence exists for deep love of a politician and his wife: President Ronald and Nancy Reagan.

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