You've all probably seen Snakes on a Plane, right? Well, here's Fight on a Plane. Fight on a Spirit Airlines plane, to be exact.

According to reports, it all started when two women were asked to turn their music down. Reports state that they had a "boombox" playing loudly. Who still carries around a boombox?

Nevertheless, as reports NBC News, the two women were intoxicated on the plane. This is plausible, given that the airline offers passengers alcoholic beverages in-flight.

However, when the women were confronted about the loud music, they responded with hostility and asked, "What are you going to do!?"This goes to show that, while alcohol is good for some passengers, it's fight juice for others.

Accordingly, the following brawl began.

Disclaimer: The following video contains graphic footage and language. Viewer discretion is advised.

You can see that the fight was a serious one, as blows were thrown without regard for other passengers as well as the flight crew. Fight on a Plane was recorded by several bystanders via their mobile devices, capturing multiple cinematic angles.

However, this is probably not something that willreceive an Oscar of any sort. Let's face it, Leonardo DiCaprio had to fight a fricking bear in order to receive his.

What happened once the plane landed?

Yet, Fight on a Plane has received tons of media coverage. Likewise, the women had a welcoming party of Los Angeles' finest awaiting them at the plane's terminal.

NBC News reports that the women were questioned and interviewed after departing the flight. However, after determining they were only agitated travelers, authorities released them without arrests or charges.

Interesting, yes?

All in all, Spirit Airlines has not weighed in on the matter via its Twitter account or official website. It seems that their position to Fight on a Plane is, "I don't like confrontation."You know, because "Spirit gives you the control."

However, since the plane incident, several people have voiced their opinions of the airline service via Twitter, as well as other social media platforms.

Plane and flight consideration

Yet, just out of consideration, should you Travel by plane, it's best to bring headphones. Not everyone wants to listen to the music you enjoy, especially not at loud levels. The plane is a confined space where everyone must feel comfortable. It's not your personal corridor.

What's your stance concerning Fight on a Plane? Likewise, do you think Spirit Airlines should make a statement, any statement at all other than "let's do this"? Because, it looks like they definitely did it.

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