An 18-year old kid made whoopie with his under-aged girlfriend. The 18-year old will prove to be under-aged, too by the time I am done.

What Happens After You Make Whoopie

"Wow! You are eating too much Mai Dan Rou. Look at your belly."

"Yeah, it's kind of weird. And I am throwing up a lot, too."

Fast forward 5 months or so.

"What's that?"

"I'm not sure. I got this terrible tummy ache and when I went to sit down for a bit, it just plopped out. I think they call it a kid."

"You want it?"

"I don't want it."

"Can I have it?"

"Sure. I am too young. You are 18 going on 19. I'll depend on you."

Rogers and Hammerstein are rolling over in their grave.

What Happens When Kids Need Attention

"Wow, these things need attention. I wonder what they go for on Alibaba?"

You can see where this is going.

The biological father met some dude online while he was mousing around in an internet cafe. That is better than getting kids pregnant. But not by much. The father hooked up with some guy who's sister was having trouble having kids.

That's a question I will ask God when I get to heaven. "Why can people who want kids not have them, and kids who don't know the consequences when they 'do the laundry' have kids.

For $3,520 the father sold the infant daughter. The amount comes to 23,000 yuan. Go figure. It's not a round number in either currency.

What You Can Get for the Price of Little Girl in China

"Wow! I can get a motorcycle and an Apple iPhone 6."

Nobody asked the ex-dad where he got the goods. But, sure enough, people noticed when the sister showed up with a kid.

"Where'd you get the kid?"

"Um. Would you believe I found it in a cabbage patch?"

They wouldn't believe it.

There were policemen and investigators and finders keepers played.

Not Enough Jail Time

The father was found out.

  • He's in jail for 3 years for selling his daughter.

The guy who bought the little girl is going to jail, too.

  • The length of his sentence hasn't been decided.

The under-aged mom has been put on probation.

  • Chastity belt anyone?

The baby gets to stay with the sister.

  • Now 1-year old, apparently the little one is getting much better care than she would if she were returned her baby mommy.

Girl is this little girl going to have a story to tell when she gets older.

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