FAST is Five-hundred meter Aperture Spherical Telescope. It's China's version of SETI - Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute.

The SETI project spent millions in the US looking for ET. FAST will cost nearly $200 million for the PRC.

China Wants 1st Contact

In 60, some odd years no intelligence outside of our atmosphere has been detected. We might wonder at the intelligence of those who spend 100s of millions looking, too. But that's a different issue.

China's super telescope is some 500 meters in diameter. There's a bunch of triangular plates that can be tilted and tuned. It's a China-sized parabolic dish with its purpose in life being to detect life ...

elsewhere ... not here. Out 'there.'

So far. Nothing. Nobody else has found anything yet, either.

What's Your Worldview?

The search for intelligence outside of our little bubble calls into play an individual's worldview, um, universeview?

The general wisdom is that if there is life beyond our super greenhouse, that life will be super intelligent. And, by default, we will be on a par with that intelligence for having discovered them and then us.

So-called scientists have to believe there is something/someone/some entity 'out there' in order to justify the pursuit. Keyword in that previous sentence is 'believe.'

Yet, these same scientists will scoff at the idea of other earthlings believing in a super intelligence who has claimed to have visited us and left visible signs of having been here.

Am I the only one who finds that strange? And even hypocritical.

Creator Makes Scientific Sense

I don't apologize for believing in an almighty Creator. It makes more scientific sense to me to think we all came from something than we call came from nothing. Complexity came by active design rather than by random chance.

But, I am laughed at by the same people who think there must be something though they have zero evidence of that something. And when (I hope they find something intelligent, I really do) they do find intelligence in space, the laughers will have the same problem they do now - explaining where that intelligence came from.

I prefer to think that the earth is unique in all time - from beginning to end. Creatures on Earth are loved and have been visited by their Creator. And we know this to be true from existing testimony.

What do you prefer to believe?

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