Can you imagine changing our habits from using plastic utensils to ones that are biodegradable and you can also eat them! I am sure many of you have thought about it for a fleeting moment. I would love to have your ideas. Simply vote and comment (the comment section is at the bottom) for this article to enter our draw for coffee (or special drink) from Starbucks.

Inventors Haven

India has been known for one of the countries that have more disposable plastic utensils than any other place in the world. Not to say that other countries do not have the same problem, it is just that India has the bulk of the issue.

Plastic has been creating a major problem in the waste disposal arena for decades and even though there are locations throughout the US and Canada that have banned plastic bags, the issue still continues. Stopping all plastics is like asking everyone to dump fossil fuels and move on to alternatives. Currently, the alternatives to plastic come back to the reliance on natural fibers such as cardboard, newsprint, or paper sacks.

Plastic Alternatives

There are alternatives to help the environment and it takes inventors such as Narayana Peesapaty to bring the ideas to the forefront. The remaining problem is to spread the word, create a new set of jobs, find the right raw materials, and getting government regulations in place to use the alternatives.

Does the government really need to be involved?

Perhaps not, but there is still a huge population that will refuse to change, and who may still not believe that we are destroying the earth, one plastic spoon at a time!.

The food based utensils are biodegradable and only have a shelf life of 3 to 4 years.

Once used, they degrade is 3 or 4 days. The best part? You can eat the utensils all are food grade edibles!

Edible Containers

Where else can we go with this? I can imagine having the same thought process and producing picnic plates, cups and more. We just have to spend the time and take it to the next level!

For me, I am looking forward to buying my products in a biodegradable container rather than the current packaging. Here's to "Invention" and saving us from the mountain of garbage we produce.

Please comment below and add your two cents. Perhaps you can win a great cup of coffee (or special drink) from Starbucks just for voting and commenting.

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