I like to work out of local coffee shops. We have local chains, Specialty's, Le Boulanger. We have a nationwide chain, Panera. I hang out at small indie shops, Bean Scene. Each is peculiar - loud music, temperature set too low, free refills, $1 refills. Some are plug friendly and some aren't. Some leave the Wi-Fi on all day and others boot regulars off at peak times.

Coffee Shops Attract Homeless

Outside of one of these coffee shops I happened upon a woman sprawled out in the bushes. She was all bundled up, her face wasn't visible. I wasn't even sure it was a woman. I'd have bet she was though.

I have lived here in weather-perfect Silicon Valley,home of Apple and Google and friends for more than a full Chinese lunar cycle. I had never seen anybody flat out in the bushes. Our city, Sunnyvale, ranks as one of the safest in the nation. But we are not completely crimeless.

I didn't see any blood. But she didn't move either.

I called the police.

She was alive. I was relieved. I was relieved until she starting shouting at me.

"Why can't you leave me alone?"

"Um, I thought you might have been attacked."

"Why did you call the police?"

"Er, I thought you might be dead?"

"Why can't you just mind your own business?"

"Ah, I am sorry I cared about your welfare."

It seems that homeless people don't talk much to non-homeless people.

Apparently when they do talk, they make up for all the missed previous chances.

Homeless Person Gave Me $20

I had a homeless person give me $20 once. Read that again. She gave me $20! I was on my way into a local Safeway. She was afraid to go inside and asked me to do some shopping for her. I did. I gave her the receipt and the correct change.

I saw another 'homeless' guy standing on a well-trafficked corner. Someone waved something green at him. A dollar bill no doubt. He stepped toward the car, then stopped. He pulled out his cell phone, paused, and waved the car off. He didn't have time to get the money. He had to answer the phone.

It was probably the woman in the bushes who called him.

What experiences have you had with homeless in your area?

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