Deadly explosions in Brussels

Only two days after Istanbul's terrorist attack, three explosions echoed across Brussels, the capital and political center of Belgium, shortly after 8 am local time (07:00 GMT). Two of them occurred at Zaventem airport and the third blast was heard later at Maalbek, a Metro station near the European quarter, part of the city where most of the EU’s buildings are located. According to Belgian media, the first number of dead people was 23; at least 13 people at the airport and 10 at the Metro station were killed. Later, after the Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel gave a Press conference and said that “dozens were killed and injured,” the number of victims increased and the media informed of 30 dead and 198 injured, with 10 being in critical condition.

Terrorist attack as a response to the arrest of Salah Abdelslam

Before the blast at the Zaventem airport occurred, passengers say that they have heard a man shouting in Arabic and shooting, after which a big explosion shook the building. According to the Belgian state broadcaster, these attacks were committed by a suicide bomber. It is believed that the blast happened as a response to the arrest of Salah Abdelslam, the main suspect of the Paris attacksin Brussels last week.

Target was American Airlines departures desk

It is highly believed that the suicide attack was done near the American Airlines check-in desk on purpose. A spokesman from American Airlines said: “We are aware of an incident at the Brussels airport departure hall and are taking care of our customers, employees, and contractors.

At this time, all of our employees and contractors are accounted for with no reported injuries. American Airlines flight 751 has been cancelled for today.”

Najim Laachraoui and Mohamed Abrini(known as the accomplices in the Paris terrorist attacks are still on the run. Brussels police believe that these suspected terrorists could be responsible for the triple blast.

Belgium terror alert is at highest level

The city has been put at a highest risk level. The Belgian crisis center tweeted that public transportation has been closed and they told people to “Stay where they are.” The European Commission vice president Kristalina Georgieva also advised people to stay at home.

Eurostar announced that trains will not leave Brussels.

All European airports have heightened security. All roads between France and Belgium have been closed, including the road traffic.

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