Judge Sheri Pym hears cases in Riverside, CA.

Riverside is 420+ miles from Apple headquarters in Cupertino, CA. The FBI is, well, everywhere.

Can you say big brother?

No Home-field Advantage

For Apple Riverside, CA is like the Golden State Warriors playing a 'home' game in the Los Angeles Lakers home arena. Same state. Far far away.

The FBI is, well, everywhere.

Riverside, CA is in San Bernardino County.

The FBI wants the Fruit company to cooperate by unlocking an iPhone used by a terrorist 3 months ago in San Bernardino County.

The iPhone's creator doesn't want to play along. It happens a lot here in California.

Not playing along is part of our jeans, er, genes. By the way, San Francisco is home to Levis. Levis Stadium is in Santa Clara County.

Guess who else is Santa Clara County? That's right. Apple.

Bad Connection between Courts and Apple

Pym ordered Apple to unlock the iPhone 5C of one of the shooters.

Apple responded, "Huh!? The reception here is pretty bad. I can't hear you. I think our encryption algorithm is interfering with the signal. Dang it! The battery went dead on us."

The battle is between

  • law enforcement and family photos.
  • national security needs and online shopping.

Raise your hand if you think Apple does NOT already have a back door.

You! With your hand up. Take a black marker and put a big S on your head.

S for stupid.

Google, Twitter, Facebook, all California companies, is on Apple's side. Here's your pen!

Lawyers and Terrorists Win

It doesn't matter what Pym thinks. Really. There will be appeals no matter which way she rules.

Then there will be appeals of appeals. Until the case reaches the Supreme Court.

Then there will be off shoots of appeals. Until, well until nobody cares anymore.

Californians fought the gay-marriage thing until the gay-rights activists found a back door to win. Hmm...

In the end, the lawyers will win. The 14 dead from the shooting at the party in San Bernardino will be long forgotten except by their family and friends.

And California will find another way to be contrarian.

Sanity Down the Street in Disneyland

The good news for Apple and FBI legal teams is that Riverside is less than an hour from Disneyland. At least during lulls in the craziness of the court, the legal teams can go out for a taste of sanity in Fantasyland and neighboring communities, eh?

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