Apple got in a fight with the FBI. And lost. The gumshoe nerds beat 'em at their own game. The FBI cracked the encryption on the iPhone of a terrorist even though the Cupertino company refused to cooperate.

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Apple Got Beat by a Nerdy Gumshoe

Even though the world's 2nd most valuable company has some of the best employees, and smartest, too they still got beat by some black-rimmed glasses, white-shirt wearing, pencil-pocket wearing dude who likely makes half that much in salary.

Kudos to the FBI guys who figured it out. To be sure, the FBI spent a lot less money breaking the encryption than Apple did setting it up.

Now, if the FBI wanted to make some big bucks, they could sell to the highest bidder the how-to? Nah...

Apple Bounces Back

Apple, however, did not take the defeat laying down.

Apple went to work with the MLB on a deal.

MLB teams agreed to use Apple iPad Air 2s this year.

Apple gave iPad Pros to all the major league teams. Gave? Gave? Are you kidding?

This is called Influencer Marketing.

The game is to get somebody to tell their somebody's that they are somebody.

Apple doesn't need MLB to tell baseball fans that they are somebody. But they did anyway. And you can bet that MLBs 73+ million attendees will notice.

Apple Does Influencer Marketing

Who wouldn't give their widget away if they could announce that MLB teams were going to use it for a year along with an APP that can:

  1. give details on scouts
  2. analyze players Bean style
  3. show videos of Billy Hamilton outrunning and Aroldis Chapman fastball.

What a boon for Apple to give away their devices to such a high-profile user!

The system was tested the last 2 weeks of last year's season.

The only shortcoming was Apple had to come up with a tobacco stain remover. Pattoooiii! They might need to ask someone at the FBI how to do it.

Kudos to Apple for scoring this big coup.

Next up - NFL, NBA, NHL?

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