I love where I live. I am minutes from Cook's office in Apple, Page's office at Google and Musk's at Tesla.

Silicon Valley has a lot of smart people living in this area. For what it's worth, they still don't know how to drive.

Silicon Valley CEOs Step in Stupid Puddle

But smart was not on display when Cook, Page and Musk decided they needed to meet in secret with GOP mucky mucks to see if they could come up with a plan to stop Trump.

Do these CEOs think we are not smart enough to decide whether Trump should be elected or not? What are they afraid of? Do we really need to be rescued, have our blinders removed?

Do we need them to stop the primary process?

The dog that barks the loudest is the one that is scared the most? What are these dogs, er, CEOs afraid of?

If they really think Trump is an idiot, then why do we need them to tell us? Shouldn't it be clear by now?

3 Tips for CEOS to Warn Us

  • Maybe Musk can but a streamer behind his next rocket?
  • Maybe Page can fix a Google logo on its search page saying, "Trust me, we know better. And we don't think you should vote for Trump."
  • Apple could sell "Don't vote for Trump" buttons via iTunes. They definitely wouldn't give them away.

And they met in secret? What do we call this? Applegate? Googlegate? Teslagate? How silly?

What better way for them to motivate Trump to dig than to for this triage to have to tell us that we need their opinion to know how to vote.

I am not a political junky. I do care about election results. And, I will vote. Of course, I will. But I don't need these self-proclaimed enlightened ones to use their celebrity CEO status to tell me for whom and how I should vote and more than I need any other celebrity.

How incredibly arrogant.

Next thing you know, Facebook's CEO is going to tell me what to think about immigration.

Wait! Zuckerberg's doing that, too.

It used to be potlickers went after the religious right to swing the vote one way or the other. Now they are going after the, what shall we call them, Tech Tilters. After all, their vote is likely to tilt an election one way or the other, right?

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