U.S. Defense officials confirmed today that an American Soldier was killed today when a rocket fired by ISIS landed by his positionin Makhmur, 75 miles southeast of Mosul, Iraq.Several other US military personnel were also injured, none of their injuries were considered life-threatening.

Operation Inherent Resolve

The unidentified American soldier was a member of; Operation Inherent Resolve, a 200 man combined joint task force formed by Defense Secretary Ash Carter, whose mission is to kill or capture Islamic State fighters in Iraq.

According to Pentagon Officials, the soldier was on security duty at the time of the rocket attack and "his death resulted from indirect fire that did not specifically target his position."

Iraqi General Sirwan Barzani told CNN that "three coalition soldiers were wounded in the attack, which occurred around 3:30 a.m. local time."

The second US soldier killed while fighting ISIS

This is the second death of a US soldier killed in combat since President Obama in 2011, withdrew forces from Iraq after more than eight years of fighting and declared the war over, fulfilling a 2008 campaign promise that he made. However, in 2014, ISIS became more than a "jayvee team" and Mr. Obama was forced to sent a contingent of 3500 US troops back into Iraq, to train and advise Iraqi and Kurdish forces.

They were mandated to only advise on military bases or designated training areas. But after several failures by trained Iraqi forces, Senior Military Officialsrequested permission to send small US-led teams into the field to assist Iraqi forces with recapturing strategic cities captured by Islamic State militants.

On Oct 2014, Delta Force Master Sergeant Joshua Wheeler and a Kurdish Commando team were requested to participate in a raid in northern Hawija, Iraq, to free 70 prisoners being held by Islamic State fighters. They were pinned down by militant gunfire and Sgt. Wheeler was fatally wounded. He was 39 years old.

Officials have not the service member killed as the family has not been notified.

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