Johnathan Tafoya-Montano,a member of the cabin crew, was charged with the destruction of anaircraft and making false statements to the authorities after he started a fire in the rear lavatory of flight AA1418. The Federal Bureau of Investigation stated that Johnathan had reported he discovered and extinguished a fire at the rear of the aircraft while it was heading from Dallas, Texas to Detroit, Michigan on February 1st.

Tafoya-Montanois charged with setting the fire in question. No injuries to the travelers were reported as a consequence of theincident and the plane was safely landed in Detroit.

The bureau’s investigations showed that Johnathan was the culprit in the incident and moreover, that he had set the fire himself.

He was arrested on March 1st, one month after the incident, and charged with the destruction of the aircraft or aircraft facilities and for making false statements about what had taken place on board. He declared to the authorities that he had extinguished the fire but gave no explanation whatsoever about the manner in which it had started, meaning the cause of the fire, after having reported the situation to the captain.

The captain of the American Airline flight notified the control tower, and as the aircraft was already approaching Detroit, an emergency status was granted so that the aircraft could land. After he had been arrested, one month later, he admitted to having unintentionally started the fire. Two days after the arrest, Johnathan was released on bail; however he will no longer be permitted to board on an airplane without the court’s approval.

The FBI discovered that he possessed a green Bic lighter which he carried on board and used in order to ignite a paper towel in the lavatory. After the fire got out of control, he pretended he discovered the fire and extinguished it, according to anNBC News report.

American Airlines took the matter seriously and cooperated with the other law enforcement authorities throughout their investigation, which led them to Johnathan Tafoya-Montano as the culprit.

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