My little girl loves books. You know. Books are those things with a bunch of pieces of paper stuck together. Paper is made from trees. On thepaper, you can print words. The process has been around for 1000s of years. Usually, there are hard and sometimes soft covers on the front and back.

Who Invented Libraries Anyway?

Benjamin Franklin came up with a system to keep a bunch of books in one place. People could borrow and return and share with others. He called it a library.

But then, people being people, some didn't bring their books back. Some dropped their borrowed book in the mud and a horse stepped on it.

They were too embarrassed to bring it back and decided to never go to the same library again.

Instead, they visited other libraries, created more cards and lost more books, or just didn't bring them back. Some people died and their family didn't realize they had borrowed a book. So nobody knew they should take it back. I suppose that happens.

I lose books, too. Sorta.

My daughter has lost books. I'll take the blame for that. I should have taught her how to not lose books. But I don't know that there has been a process developed to keep kids from losing things.

I have never lost a kid. Does that count?

There's probably somebody working on an app now in a local startup incubator here in Silicon Valley that will help us keep from losing books.

I had to pay $47 in fines the other day before I could borrow another book. Ouch! That's 4-5 new eBooks I could have bought and kept on my phone and never worry about losing.

It turns out I am not the only person in Silicon Valley to ever lose a book or fail to turn one back in on time.

Library is Owed 1-Year NBA Athlete Salary

San Jose library system is owed $6.8 million!

So many people have lost so many books or failed to return books on time that they won't come back and lose more books!

The library is considering an amnesty program to get people back.

Just think. If I had waited, I could have saved myself $47.

The library may first have to consider an educational program answering the question for the millennial, "What is a library?"

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