We can`t live withoutlove.We are addictedto our partners and especially to the moments spent along them. Once with the society's evolution the, love has also changed. If, however,our feelings aresincereandpowerful, why do we need Valentine's Day to express them?

The first evidence of this day is back from498, whenPope Gelasius Inamed three saints onFebruary 14, date that was preserved until today, but with different meanings.San Valentine, who remained in history for his deeds, was a citizen ofRome, which stood out simply by accepting and blessingforbidden love. The formalization of secret marriages of the soldiers, which were forbidden by the law to married, lead to jail time for San Valentine.

It's said that right before his execution, San Valentine healed the daughter of his guard, whom she later sent a letter signed "your Valentine".

Lupercalia, which was celebrated in ancient Rome betweenFebruary 13and 15is actually the true ancestor of the day that we celebrate today. The celebration's themes werefertilityandpurification, accompanied bypagan ritualswhich were drastic and violent. Lupercalia was replaced with Valentine's Day because she was forbidden by Pope Gelasius I.

Knowing those informations, which are quite important, we have to ask ourselves what this day actually represent for us. What we really celebrate? Whilemarketingoffers are at their best on this day, most people are choosing to buy materialistic gifts to express so called true love.

The eyes full of love andtender gesturesseem to turn intomemories being replaced by expensive gifts.

I believe that unconditional love doesn't need a special day to ceebrate it. It could be just a day when you offer a flower, a smile or a kiss to someone simply because care about. Although, in essence the Valentine's Day has the purpose of veneration of true love, unfortunately, people's needs of attention and material goods leads to the devaluation of this day and to the materialization of feelings.

Love each other honestly and unconditional.Love is the only feeling that makes us to truly live in a wonderful world.It is free. It doesn’t cost anything.

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