Organizations like the American Lung, American Heart, and American Medical Associations don't want you to smoke, but they certainly don't want you to consider vaping products either. This is a defining moment in history for these organizations who for decades have been against smoking. Tactics, well constructed wording, and lies meant to persuade public opinion are designed to put "control" back into tobacco control. Revenue is the driving force of this deceitful position, concern for public health is taking a back seat to greed. Vapor products are negligently being discouraged as sales of tobacco and revenue streams they generate are falling.

Steven J. Stack, President of the American Medical Association recently tweeted this haphazard claim:

Continuous misdirection

Despite the evidence, Stack, (like many other high-profile organizations) is taking an irresponsible and poorly thought out approach toward e-cigarettes. Without actually saying it, these tactics are persuading people, including youth, to keep smoking. The intentional deception is obvious and motive is clear. The positive impact vapers have experienced in their lives by making the switch to e-cigarettes is disrupting all avenues of public health.

Instead of finding evidence to the contrary, Dr. Stack would rather insinuate: "please keep smoking." Ironically, his profile photo says "Physicians must be front and center defining our future -- so the future will not define us." The future is calling.

Pharmaceutical sales of "approved methods" to stop smoking are dropping.

Sales of other medications for smoking-related diseases are also in decline. In order to keep tax revenue and future "business," organizations are placing themselves in a precarious position to fight for tax revenue and sadly, lie about vaping products. Medicine and public health is, after all, a billion dollar business, and there's substantial pressure to keep smokers lighting up.

Public health or public hindrance?

The goal is to persuade the public that vaping products are just like smoking. Conflicts of interest and outright corruption are perpetuating some of the lies. Their campaigns clearly ignore proper evidence to keep people smoking. Popular tactics include claims of children and a "gateway" to smoking, which by all accounts would be much higher if e-cigs didn't exist. Chemicals, like Stacks' tweet claiming "popcorn lung," have already been disproven as "750 times" less likely to happen than with conventional cigarettes.

Can organizations and officials be more responsible?

Yes. They could simply look for what is now mountains of evidence to show e-cigarettes are taking millions away from combustible tobacco.

Public Health England released a statement of vapor products being at least "95% safer" than burning combustible tobacco. They could also talk to the now estimated 50 million consumers using vapor products to see what could be done to make them better. Instead of ignoring the best information out there, they're clinging to a burning rope -- because it makes fiscal sense.

Organizations using the power of persuasion to keep people smoking are not supporting tobacco harm reduction to their fullest potential. Smokers are being lied to. Those now afraid to make the switch to vapor products will be asking these organizations about the tactics used to deter them from trying a much safer alternative, and to be held accountable for their deception to the public.

"An error doesn't become a mistake until you refuse to correct it."Orlando A. Battista.

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