Johnson expected to announce plans to support withdrawal

The Mayor of London, who holds widespread popularity across much of the electorate both inside and outside the Capital, is thought to be planning a public declaration of his loyalty to a Brexit on Sunday afternoon before explaining his decision further in his weekly column in The Telegraph Newspaper.The paper is due for publication at 10.00pm UK time, with the referendum potentially leading to Britain's very own Independence Day.

Mr. Johnson has been typically cautious in fielding questions on the subject in recent days although did offer some insight as to his thinking on The Daily Politics show on February 14th. He went asfar as to say thatBritain "shouldn't be afraid" of exiting the European Union, whilst covering all avenuesby adding that "London is the financial powerhouse of the European Union and will thrive whether we're in the EU or not."

The news will come as a bitter blow to Prime Minister David Cameron as he seeks to galvanize his party toward continued British membership following lengthy and difficult discussions in Brussels last week.

Cameron, appearing on the Andrew Marr show this morning (Feb 21), even went so far as plead with Mr. Johnson to side with him on this issue.

"If Boris and if others really care aboutbeing able to get things done in our world, then the EU is one of the ways in which we get themdone," said the PM.

This isn't the first time that the Prime Minister has experienced a wave of criticism from his own party with a number of key peers voicing their displeasure last year during previous EU negotiations.

Of course, Boris Johnson isn't the only major advocate of an independent Britain andis one of a number of dangerscircling Cameron in these choppy political waters. Long time UK independencecampaigners, Nigel Farage and George Gallowaywill inevitablybe buoyed by the rumors of the Mayor's decision, particularly given his standing as a far more popular figure in the eyes of mainstream Britain than therespective UKIP and Respect Party leaders.

Mr. Farage, speaking earlier on the same Andrew Marr Show as Mr. Cameron, said: "He's one of those half a dozen people that reaches out to a large number of voters. We'd love to see 'Bo Go' as the headline tomorrow."

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