Any supporter of Senator Sanders who uses Facebook probablyknows about the Bernie or bust pledge. Revolt Against Plutocracy had been active as a community page; and, when Bernie framed his campaign for the White House as a political revolution, the administrators of that page asked not "what would Bernie do" but "what can we do for Bernie?" In addition to a petition to Senator Warren to endorse Sanders for President, they developed the innovative idea of building a write-in strategy. To date, 43,500 voters have taken a pledge to either write in Sanders name this November or vote for the Green Party candidate.

The strategy

Their idea is to use this strategy as leverage during the primaries and caucuses. If Sanders enters the Democratic Party Convention with a majority of elected delegates, they will be in Philadelphia to hold a press conference and hand out flyers to delegates going into the Convention to inform them if they do not support the will of the voters, the Republicans will win the general election. This "insurance plan" is the only one Sanders has against establishment-oriented super delegates who may wish to defy the will of the voters.


By "leverage" they intend to convey to Democrats voting in primaries and attending caucuses they and better "#UniteBehindBernie" or else they risk losing.

Although they have a super PAC deemed a "grassroots" PAC because they limit donations to $1,000.00 per person, they have not raised enough money to run any of the three ads they have produced on television. Instead, they have asked people, who have take the Bernie or bust pledge, to volunteer to post the URL of the three ads on primary state media websites and their Facebook pages.

These volunteers (over 150 so far) are instructed to post short "hooks" and aURL to any of the many "Bernie or bust pledge narratives" they have written since launching this effort on June 22nd last year on social media platforms and news websites like The Washington Post, Alternet and Politico to name but a few of hundreds.

Even with possible legal issues confronting the Clintons, super delegates to the Convention may nonetheless prefer the neo-liberal Clinton to the democratic socialist Sanders.If, and only if, Senator Sanders goes into the Democratic Party Convention with a lead in elected delegates, their core organizers will go to Philadelphia and hold a press conference. They will also attempt to hand out flyers to delegates going into the convention to inform them of the number of voters pledged to write in Sanders in November if he is not the Party nominee.After the 22 point victory for Sanders in the New Hampshire primary and a recent poll indicating that voters in Nevada are evenly divided between Clinton and Sanders, it's possible that Bernie will not need the leverage they intend to apply.

However, after a very close outcome in Iowa and a crushing defeat of Secretary Clinton in New Hampshire, Sanders is currently behind in delegate count a whopping 355-15.

The consequences

If Sanders is to secure the nomination during the Party Convention this summer, un-elected super delegates are going to find out betraying the voters could cost them the general election. That is the best, if not the only, reason for Bernie's supporters to take the Bernie or bust pledge. Super delegates can ignore petitions, but millions of voters who have pledged to not vote for Secretary Clinton will have to be taken into consideration by these establishment Democrats. At least, that is their theory. It will take just over five months to find out how that works out in practice.

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